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Yesterday I went to the Del Mar Far Grounds for a Gem show (in San Diego). 
Edwin Thomas had his usual Confuciusornis birds (about 7 or so of them). But he 
also had a Psittacosaurus from the same area and formation, Chaoyo
ung, Liaoning Province, China, the Jiufotang Formation, Late Jurassic or Early 
Cretaceous (the age is hotly debated). This formation is famous for it?s 
diverse insect, fish, and bird remains. The new Sinosauropteryx thero
pod and Psittacosaurus are the only dinosaurs from there that I know of. Today 
I went back with a few friends to show them the animals. I took lots of 
pictures and mini cam video of it, and also made some measurements of 

I have heard of Psittacosaurs from the same formation as Confuciusornis, but 
this was the first time I actually saw one. From looking at it, IMHO, it 
belongs to the species meileyingensis SERENO, CHAO, CHENG & RAO, 1988 (
which was found in Chaoyoung). It is a nearly complete specimen, lacking only 
the hands and most of the tail. It is lying on it?s stomach with the legs and 
pelvis splade out, but the upper torso, neck and head lies on it?
s left side. It?s about 35 cm long and would have stood about 24 cm tall. It is 
juvenile, the neural arches aren?t fused to the centra.