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George replied to my rant about extant megafaunas including dwarfed components
of Pleistocene ones, and said..

> One of those exceptional circumstances to which I referred in previous posts
> on this subject. And the Pleistocene-Recent "dwarfing" is not all that
> significant, anyway. A few percent. Plus a lot of this so-called "dwarfing"
> is an artifact of the differential survival of smaller forms versus the
> simple extinction, without descendant species, of larger forms.

First, I'd like to point out that I didn't say what I did to contradict George's
views: I just intended to provide a bit more info. I have no argument with his
contention that Pleistocene-Recent dwarfing is statistically tiny. 

However, the data I have in mind has not constructed biased statistical
artifacts: numerous samples of still extant species show that the species really
do get smaller as they grade from Pleistocene-->modern times. Worldwide dwarfing
of mammalian megafauna happened.

None of this relates to the arguments you guys are having about dinosaurs, so
drop it here. On another issue that I won't bother to address in a separate
post, Stan said that _Compsognathus_ could have climbed like a squirrel. Think
again Stan: that's a preposterous statement.

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