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Re: Clade II

On Mon, 27 Jan 1997, Stan Friesen wrote:

> From: "Jonathan R. Wagner" <znc14@ttacs1.ttu.edu>
>  >  If any two-year old can tell the difference
>  > between a bird and a non-avain dinosaur,
> *Because* any two-year old can tell the difference.  This means that
> the difference is a *conceptually* natural one.  It fits with the way
> people think about things.
> The peace of God be with you.
                I'm not sure about that one. In Chiappe's "Late Cretaceous
Birds of Southern South America", (1996) for example, there is a character
matrix. Of 67 avian synapomorphies, Archaeopteryx and dromaeosaurs were
both primitive for all 67 when states could be determined (thanks for
pointing this out Tracy). So Chiappe's matrix cannot tell birds from
nonavian theropods.  There is also the question of Mononykus, as well. 
        Also, the same two-year-old might want to put whales and sharks
together as well. Anyone can see that superficially these animals have far
more in common than, say, whales and bats.