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The following people have had comments mentioned on this
list quoted in issue #3 of Dinosaur Discoveries.
Contact me if you wish to have your name deleted from your comment.
Contact me if you have updated info on that subject.
And by all means, send me your complete name and address
so I can send you a free copy of that issue.

Gregory S Paul: Maiasaura babies were warm-blooded because...
Dr T Holtz: Deltadromedus size
Darren Tanke: How badly was Sue Hurt?
Darren Naish: Biggest Pliosaur
Tim Donovan: Parasaurolophus smell
Dr James M Norton: Trees Down
Dr T Holtz: Siamotyrannus
Stan Friesen: Deinonychus dined on Tenontosaurus

Also, I'm printing three "stolen stuff" notices:
Cleveland-Lloyd Quarry
Moscow Museum
Cope's Bust from Univ of PA
If there is any update on the original postings please send it.

Current theory of what will be in issue #3 (page 4 is still
kind of fluid):
Goodbye, Ultrasauros!
Pelecanimimus polyodon
Shuvosaurus inexpectatus
Parvicursor remotus
Sinosauropteryx prima
Three pages of new finds from the SVP conference
Thalassiodracon hawkinsi
Utatsusaurus hataii
The Galloping Crocodile
An Armada of Archaeopteryx
The above mentioned notes
8 or 9 new genera listings (not sure how big the picture
of Monolophosaurus will turn out)
Dinosaur Calendar

The fluidity on page 4 will resolve itself into
two or three or four short articles being printed.

--Steve Cole