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Darren Naish asked about _Neovenator_ paper. The paper is out now. The
complete reference is:

Hutt, S.; Martill, D. M. & Barker, M. J. (1996): The first European
allosaurid dinosaur (Lower Cretaceous, Wealden Group, England). N. Jb. Geol.
Palaont. Mh., 1996 (10): 635-644; Stuttgart.

Just a point. The first allosaurid from Europe is:

Perez-Moreno, B. P.; Sanz, J. L.; Sudre, J. & Sige, B. (1993): A theropod
dinosaur from the Lower Cretaceous of Southern France. Rev. Paleobiol.,
Spec. Vol., 7: 173-181.

Although there was not enough material to be named. Or we just decided to
give it no name.

Talk to you later, Nino.
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