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Gaia Theropod Volume (was Re: ROYAL TYRRELL MUSEUM UPDATE)

At 08:29 PM 1/28/97 -0800, Darren Tanke wrote:

>7. Some of you may remember GAIA, No. 10 publication that came out in 1994
>and dealt solely with sauropods. I've recently learned another GAIA
>publication is planned and this one will cover theropod dinosaurs
>exclusively. Phil Currie also mentioned that in a couple weeks the first
>major publication on SINOPTERYX prima will come out in Nature. In a recent
>staff lecture on theropods he said the "heated debate over this animal will
>really heat up" when the various publications on it come out.  Should be

Alright, alright, alright: you've forced my hand.

Announcing (cue trumpet sounds...):



Edited by Bernardino Pe'rez-Moreno, Thomas R. Holtz, Jr., Jose' Sanz,
Joaqui'n Moratalla, Vanda Santos & Carlos Marques da Silva

In June 1998, the Museu Nacional de Histo'ria Natural of the Lisbon
University (Portugal) will publish a special issue of GAIA Geosciences
Journal dedicated to "Aspects of Theropod Paleobiology".  This forthcoming
special issue has been developed as a result of a significant number of
contributions arising from ongoing studies of the avian and non-avian
theropod fossil record all around the world.

We encourage authors to emphasize the general paleobiological significance
of their work and avoid excessive detail.  The volume will have an emphasis
on European fossil record and the global track record, but contributions on
ALL aspects of theropod paleobiology from ALL the world are welcome.

The papers should be submitted in accordance with GAIA's format: North
Americans, contact Holtz for a "Notice to Contributors".  The DEADLINE will
be June 31, 1997.

(Incidentally, we are looking for short and sweet papers.  Don't expect a
Holtz monograph on theropod systematics, although you may get results of
some recent studies...).

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.
Vertebrate Paleontologist     Webpage: http://www.geol.umd.edu
Dept. of Geology              Email:th81@umail.umd.edu
University of Maryland        Phone:301-405-4084
College Park, MD  20742       Fax:  301-314-9661

"To trace that life in its manifold changes through past ages to the present
is a ... difficult task, but one from which modern science does not shrink.
In this wide field, every earnest effort will meet with some degree of
success; every year will add new and important facts; and every generation
will bring to light some law, in accordance with which ancient life has been
changed into life as we see it around us to-day."
        --O.C. Marsh, Vice Presidential Address, AAAS, August 30, 1877