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From: nino@uam.es
 > Darren Naish asked about _Neovenator_ paper. The paper is out now. The
 > complete reference is:
 > Hutt, S.; Martill, D. M. & Barker, M. J. (1996): ...

OK, what is the species name that goes with this genus?

While we are at it, some weeks ago George Olshevsky posted a couple
of other dinosaur genera there were no longer nomina dubia.  These
were _Ligabueino_ Bonaparte, 1996, and _Rayosaurus_ Bonaparte, 1996.

What are the type species?  And what is their classification?
[So I can add them to my dinosaur list and classification].

[I am not sure that the library I use will have Muenchner Goewissen-
schaftliche Abhandlungen, so I might have trouble looking this up].

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