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questions about fossilized foot prints (fwd)

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Subj:   odd message I just got

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Hi, Bonnie!  Howzit?  Just got this intriguing message from the ether. Not
sure how legit or what it is all about. I don't recognise the names.
They're probably on anthro-l or the like. I suggested they post to
lithics-l and quaternary.


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comments = To whom it may concern:


How long does it takes to be fossillized a human footprint?

Is it possible to determine the longevity of the soil where the
footprints are located?

Where have you found this human fossil footprints?


We have all these questions, because we found a pathway with multiples
fossillised footprints in Chiapas Mexico.

We have video and pictures as an evidence of this discovery.

All of them are available upon request.

Thanks in advance for you attention


Jose Centeno    Dr. Clever Chavez

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