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Feduccia's errors

On Jan 24, Stan Friesen wrote the following...

>As near as I can tell, insulation would actually be *detrimental* to an
>ectotherm, as it would interfere with heat uptake from the environment.
>(insulation does work both ways, after all).  Imagine how much longer a
>basking lizard would take to warm up if it had feathers or fur.

        In fact, Cowles (1958) experimentally demonstrated this nearly
40 years ago when he placed customized fur coats on lizards, and found that
his furry lizards had a hard time thermoregulating.

        Cowles, R. B. (1958).  Possible origin of dermal temperature 
regulation.  Evolution, 12, 347-357.

Guy Leahy
Dept. of PEHR
Western Washington University
Bellingham, WA 98225