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Official State Dinosaur

A forward for those of you who keep track of these things:

Paul V. Heinrich wrote:
> In Maryland, there has been a move to make "Astrodon" the
> "State Dinosaur".  From what I have heard part of the
> agrument over making it the "State Dinosaur" is that it
> would be the "first" State Dinosaur.  It sounds like
> someone in Maryland is asleep at the wheel.  Wyoming
> already has an official "State Dinosaur" see:
> http://www.state.wy.us/state/wyoming_news/general/general.html
> There, they write:
> "State Dinosaur: Triceratops
> Adopted: March 18, 1994"
> The State Fossil is the Knightia, fresh-water herring.
> Thus, it is already too late for this.  :-)  :-)
> The Wyoming people have already been there and done that..
> Sincerely,
> Paul V. Heinrich
> heinrich@intersurf.com
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