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Re: Feduccia's errors

Guy's statement:

>       In fact, Cowles (1958) experimentally demonstrated this nearly
> 40 years ago when he placed customized fur coats on lizards, and
> found that his furry lizards had a hard time thermoregulating.

is correct (SFAIK), but somewhat misleading.  If an animal were to
develop a pelage prior to developing other traits associated with
modern endothermy it most certainly would have developed strategies
that lizards don't (because of their history) or couldn't (because of
the experimental design) have utilized in the forementioned study.
The ability of mammals to erect their hairs is an obvious one.
Furthermore, modern endotherms most certainly can and do use
behavioral means (e.g. basking in the sun, jumping in the water) to
assist their thermoregulation despite the existence of their pelage
and subcutaneous fat.

Still seeking balance...

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)