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Thanks for the links!

I wnat to thank all the people who have sent me links to dinosaur
related sites on the web.  The students here are happily swimming 
in the sea of links that I have compiled so far.  The links have 
been sorted by URL and checked to make sure they were running.  
The links have not yet been grouped according to subject (that 
is a job that will have to wait for a little while).  But anyway,
thanks again for all the links and please continue to send me 
The direct URL to my Dinosaur link page is 
if you are interested.  Note: Please feel free to use these links 
or to link to my page.


John J. Francis  Email: jfrancis@csulb.edu 
I. S. Tech. II, Geology Department & USAR Coordinator (Alternate)
California State University at Long Beach
HOMEPAGE: http://seis.natsci.csulb.edu/JJF/john.html