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Re: Insulat5ion & Tree dwellers

 From: Martin Human <martin@hpentccl.grenoble.hp.com>
 > My understanding is that _forest_ and woodland habitats are usually
 > slightly  _warmer_ than the areas outside, and that the temperatures
 > are more _stable_ due to the wind_breaking effect of the trees,
 > and the canopy traps the air below which warms up.

This is true *below* and within the canopy.  The top of the canopy
is subjected to all of the heat and cold of the general climate. This
is why canopy trees are often more xeromorphic than understory ones.

 > What you state is true of isolated trees, but until man came along
 > trees tended to grow in forests, I believe.
This depends on the ecosystem.  Tropical savannas have always had
scattered trees, for instance.

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