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Dear Friends,

In response to my questions relating to the 1977 "Japenese Plesiosaur"
carcass, Ken Carpenter recently wrote to refer me to the original 1978 
Japanese reports.  Actually I already have copies of these reports, and 
my article is heavily based on them.  However, for the purpose of 
documenting and discussing the history of the incident and social 
impact of the  "sea-monster" mania it created, I am gathering as many 
creationist and popular-press stories on the find as possible. I have 
several dozen already (most from the 1980's), but am missing many of 
the local newspaper reports that came out shortly after the find, in 
the summer and fall of 1977.  If any one has copies of these or any 
other referenes not already in my reference list, I would be very 
grateful if you could Fax me copies, or at least the full reference. In 
case anyone who missed my notice the other day, my article draft is at 
the following web site:


Any other comments or correctios to the manuscript would be welcome.
Thank you very much. 

Glen Kuban