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Re: Feduccia's errors

From: GSP1954@aol.com
 > Of course insulated endotherms can raise body temperatures modest
 > amounts via basking. That's ENDOTHERMS that do so. There is no
 > evidence that ectotherms dependent upon large amounts of environmental
 > heating can afford to be insulated. 
That was basically the point I was going to make.

>From my point of view the key words are "modest amounts".  Through
insulation one can gain (or lose) *modest* amounts of heat.  Getting
larger amounts through, as needed by an ectotherm, is pretty dicey.

The issue comes down to one of heat transfer rates.  Insulation
just cuts the rates too low to be useful to an ectotherm. That
feathered ectotherm basking in the morning to get started would be
eaten by its naked cousin that got going sooner.

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