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Re: Feduccia's Errors

Greg Paul wrote:
>[Fedducia] ignores the work - some based on the newest skull [of
_Archaeopteryx_]... >that shows... that the skull was much more theropodian
than avian.
>Nor does he cite P. Currie's observation that the... braincase of Archaeopteryx
>is very similar to that of dromaeosaurs
        Do you have ref.s on this?

>AF states that the "thecodont" Postosuchus is close to the origin of
>carnosaurs. This view is held by few if any today.
        Chatterjee (pers. com) regards the similarities he had previously
noted as convergent.  He does, however, note what he claims to be a
semi-lunate carpal block in the animal.  I have seen this, and for the life
of me couldn't prove to you that it isn't one.  Mind you, I couldn't tell
you horneblend from orthopyroxene either.

>Little Triassic Megalancosaurus is proposed as an "avimorph" close to birds.
        Considering the horny beak (which is the only avian characteristic
I've ever heard ascribed to that taxon) has evolved several times in the
history of the sauropsids (turtles, coelurosaurs, pterosaurs, etc), one has
to wonder...

>Where we diverge is in his unsubstantiated insistence that small theropods...
>were not good climbers. 
        One thing I haven't quite figured out about the
broomstick-up-the-butt argument against dinosaurs climbing is "why didn't
they simply flip their tail up at a ninety-degree angle as dromaeosaurs were
equipped to do?"

>In a recent interview AF accused those who support dinosaurian ancestory of
>birds of being "arm wavers" without evidence to back up their new dogma.
        The arm with feathers waves farther.  :)
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