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In a message dated 97-07-01 10:58:56 EDT, th81@umail.umd.edu (Thomas R.
Holtz, Jr.) writes:

<< Again, be not so hasty in assuming these particular taxa are the ones
 chosen.  The "anchor taxon" for Ornithopoda has not been explicitly named as
 of yet, and I personally would like to see _Iguanodon_ get its due (i.e.,
 Ornithopoda = _Triceratops_ > _Iguanodon_; Euornithopoda = _Hypsilphodon_ +
 _Iguanodon_; etc.). >>

One major problem with using _Iguanodon_, much as I would like to see this
done for historical reasons, is that the type species of the genus is based
on teeth (holotype) and an extensive series of of possibly incorrectly
referred isolated postcranial elements. Until the genus is redescribed in a
modern context, we really don't know what _Iguanodon_ is, and we thus have no
business using it to define major taxa.