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July's Paleo Award

              The July, 1997 Paleo Award has been awarded!

            I am quite happy to announce that the Winner is:


                 The Evolutionary Theory Mailing List



Thom Quinn has put a lot of effort into developing this support site for
The Evolutionary Theory Mailing List, which is also his creation.  The
Evolutionary Theory Mailing List fosters scientific discussion on all
topics pertaining to Evolutionary Biology, and is a protected environment
from Creationist arguments.  Thom also recognizes website excellence with
the "Science Site of the Day" award, the archives of which make a great
browsing launchpad. Several other projects are underway for the education
and enjoyment of the WWW community.

Next month's theme will be Paleontology!  So, go to the Paleo Award Home
Page and vote for your favorite Paleontology Website!




Matt Fraser
Matt's Paleo Pages <http://www.pitt.edu/~mattf/PaleoPage.html>

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