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RE: The Summers Theory

Mark O'Leary wrote:

<The great apes are exactly as evolved as us (but for a different
<environment). On the timescales we are talking about, they diverged
<from an ancestral stock at about the same time as us, too. Our mutual
<ancestors were not apes, but they were ape-like or human like, depending on
<point of view - 

(Excuse my English, please)
I agree with your mail except with this. 
Our ancestors were true great apes -not the extant ones, of course. Probably,
the common ancestor of both chimps and humans looked like chimps -not like
humans. So, the great apes are less evolved than us. We are bipedal,
"hairless", big brained, we can talk, etc. etc. and we've got these features by
evolution. I'm not saying that we are "higher" or "better" that chimps and
gorillas, we are only more evolved. Evolution is change, not progress; simply
we've changed more.

Sorry, I have said nothing about dinosaurs. 
                                              Ernesto J. Carmena