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Lost World Commercial Tie-Ins

I actually got a reply from General Mills on sharing the wealth from The Lost
World cereal promotions.  See below:

Subj:   Re: Lost World Commercial Tie-Ins
Date:   97-06-30 21:45:58 EDT
From:   76710.1067@CompuServe.COM (General Mills)
To:     mkirkaldy@aol.com (Mary Kirkaldy)


>>I would like to know if any of the proceeds from commercial
>>tie-ins for The Lost World, such as the cereal Jurassic Crunch,
>>will go back into paleontology to benefit dinosaur research,
>>museums, etc.

>>Thank you,

>>Mary Kirkaldy mkirkaldy@aol.com

>Dear Mary:  I apologize for the lateness with this answer to your 4/97 e
>We have had trouble with our BigG line and for almost two months we have
>received very few messages.

>Maybe indirectly through college donations.  We can send you the General
>Foundation's report if you would like.  Just e mail me your mailing address.
>Glenda Eliasen
>General Mills Consumer Services
>writing at 3:13 PM, 
>on Monday, June 30, 1997