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Re: Stegosaur plates as protection......

.Dr. Holtz wrote:

> Especially since the neck of Stegosaurus, at least, was heavily armored, as
> documented by the two road-kill specimens and excellently mounted by Ken
> Carpenter in the Denver Museum.  (The technology to do such mounts was
> absent in previous decades, so none of the older mounts show the "chainmail"
> arrangement of armor on the neck of Stegosaurus).

Can anyone point me to a reference where to find a new reconstruction 
of Stegosaurus, including the neck armor (some previous postings also 
mentioned a 'throat poach')? (Of course I could consider travelling to 
the Denver Museum which would be very interesting but impossible for 
practical reasons)
And forgive my ignorance but why are these new specimens called 'road 
kill' fossils? Have they been trampled by a herd of sauropods???

Pieter Depuydt.