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SPOILER* theater preview for GODZILLA 98 *SPOILER

I went to see MEN IN BLACK tonight-very fine effects movie, very funny. 
The previews beforehand included CONTACT, AIR FORCE ONE, STARSHIP

This last one opens in a museum (I "think" it's the AMNH but haven't
seen it in person so am not sure.) A tour of school kids approaches the
T rex skeleton mount as their teacher drones on about T rex hieght and
weight and date statistics (the word Jurassic is repeated at least 3
times during this).  Things are shaken.  Things shake a little more. The
teacher looks up.  The guard looks up, the kids all look up.  A shadow
looms over the skylight over the T rex mount.  A really big scaley foot
enters through the skylight and squashes the T rex mount like a bug (or
like a certain animated clip involving Godzilla and a deer).  Then the
foot lifts off and the tail is seen to pass (high) over head.
GODZILLA 1998 titles roll..............

OK-What museum is this?
           Betty Cunningham  
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