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Re: The Summers Theory

In a message dated 97-07-03 01:59:26 EDT, u199873203@abonados.cplus.es
(Ernesto) writes:

<< Probably,
 the common ancestor of both chimps and humans looked like chimps -not like
 humans. So, the great apes are less evolved than us. We are bipedal,
 "hairless", big brained, we can talk, etc. etc. and we've got these features
 evolution. I'm not saying that we are "higher" or "better" that chimps and
 gorillas, we are only more evolved. Evolution is change, not progress;
 we've changed more. >>

Since the common ancestor of chimps, gorillas, and humans has not yet been
identified in the fossil record, it's a bit premature to comment that humans
are "more evolved" than chimps or gorillas. It is presently more likely that
chimps, gorillas, and humans are all about equally "evolved" from the common
ancestor (whatever that may mean).