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Re: Taxonomic Rant (was Re: SERENO'S NEW DINOSAUR PAPER)

At 10:08 PM 7/2/97 -0400, Dinogeorge wrote:

[with regards to naming clades]

>Decide on a name only if the same unnamed subclade X keeps showing up
repeatedly in >people's papers.
You have boiled down to one sentence the essence of what I was trying to get
to in my previous postings.

Except for some early (c. 1986) works in dinosaur systematics, people have
NOT been naming every node.  However, most of the clades that have been
named have been of professional interest and discussion in various papers
(e.g., a Lagosuchus/Marasuchus + Dinosauria clade to the exclusion of
Pterosauria and Lagerpeton, which has shown up in many different analyses).

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