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Lost World Commercial Tie-Ins

Thom Quinn wrote:
> Perhaps we should all campaign that they donate 1% of all profits to
> dinosaur research?
> Thom

I did write to General Mills for their foundation’s report.  Thom has a good
idea; however, a foundation by definition _gives_ away money.  There are
excellent tax advantages for corporations to give away a certain percentage
of their profits, or to form foundations through which to channel this money.

General Mills Foundation probably doesn’t  know about your funding-challenged
dinosaur dig or research project.  What if you wrote and asked them about a
possible grant?  Wouldn’t it be a great publicity coup for General Mills to
fund Dale Russell’s upcoming dig?  To send Tom Holtz to look for Sue’s
extended family?  The National Science Foundation gets zillions of requests
for grants, but how many does General Mills get of this type?  They sponsored
the movie, now maybe they would sponsor the reality.

Sometimes you have to ask for what you want.

Mary Kirkaldy, MBA