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Re: Cadborosaurus willsi

Ben S. Roesch wrote:
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> >On 3 Jul 97 10:05:00 EDT, you wrote:
> >
> >> I would like to talk about "the
> >>creature" off-list since I doubt it's dinosaurian. Thanks!!!
> >
> >How do you know?
> there's no such thing as an aquatic dinosaur, and even if you mean a
> plesiosaur, or some other marine reptile, the morphology described for
> Caddy is totally different.
> ciao!
> ben...

Given the sort of beasties living in the oceans (and lakes) at the time
can you blame dinosaurs for not becoming aquatic? Take a good look at
the Kronosaurus mount at Harvard. It makes a Tyrannosaur look like
a budgie by comparison. This reminds me of a scene in Bob Bakker's
"Raptor red" book, of a kronosaur beaching itself to grab an
Acrocanthosaur like a killer whale after seals. I wouldn't be surprised
if Baryonyx was about as aquatic as dinosaurs ever got, given the

        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia