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What's on your computer? (off-topic)

> BILLJ88 wrote:
> >
> > Yes it's a bit off-topic but I was wondering what the other monster fans
> > out there have sitting on and around your computer.
> ... and a "Sailor Mercury" figure (from
> > the anime series) who's currently wearing bunny ears and a tail (don't 
> > ask!).
YES,I AM ASKING! Go ahead and reply off-list if it's "personal". ;)
Don't feel bad. I have a Bandai Jet Jaguar and Godzilla, Jr, Marvin the
Martian pining "Earthling, You are Out of this World!", Buzz Lightyear, 
a Trendmasters Power-up Godzilla (without the armor-it keeps falling
3 different of those glass insulators they used to have on telephone
poles and most of the time, my cat. It knocks my "Internet for Dummies"
calendar off to stretch out. This is across the TOP of the desk unit. I
found my Mickey Mouse mousepad for $4.99 at Wally World. (They also have
/had other Disney ones at the time if you're not into bunny ears). Two
Elliott/Rossio Godzilla scripts are in a big black binder in the tower
compartment. UNDERNEATH is a
pretty good collection of G-FANs (kaiju monster magazines). Anyone want
to draw up a
cartoon about this thread? Don't forget the long hair and fringe vest on
Godzilla, Jr....

Gertrude Smith