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Re: What's on your computer? (off-topic)

Cool, I'm not the only one! :)

My office sports Tick and Arthur, Marvin Martian, K9, and Duck Dodgers,
Dilbert, and of course a stegasaur munching on a tree.  I also have one
of those tacky sleeping dino's on a bookshelf.  Wouldn't leave home 
without him.  Oh yeah, I have three nondescript, but very wildly
nondescript ceratopsians used for juggling.  From time to time, I sport
various Klingons, stormtroopers, and jedi.  I did keep jawas, but they
kept stealing my office supplies.  

As I get older, my toys aren't getting more expensive, there are just
lots more of them.  Yeah, most of them ARE dinosaurs.  


Gertrude Smith wrote:
> > BILLJ88 wrote:
> > >
> > > Yes it's a bit off-topic but I was wondering what the other monster fans
> > > out there have sitting on and around your computer.
> > ... and a "Sailor Mercury" figure (from
> > > the anime series) who's currently wearing bunny ears and a tail (don't 
> > > ask!).
> YES,I AM ASKING! Go ahead and reply off-list if it's "personal". ;)
> Don't feel bad. I have a Bandai Jet Jaguar and Godzilla, Jr, Marvin the
> Martian pining "Earthling, You are Out of this World!", Buzz Lightyear,
> a Trendmasters Power-up Godzilla (without the armor-it keeps falling
> off),
> 3 different of those glass insulators they used to have on telephone
> poles and most of the time, my cat. It knocks my "Internet for Dummies"
> calendar off to stretch out. This is across the TOP of the desk unit. I
> found my Mickey Mouse mousepad for $4.99 at Wally World. (They also have
> /had other Disney ones at the time if you're not into bunny ears). Two
> Elliott/Rossio Godzilla scripts are in a big black binder in the tower
> compartment. UNDERNEATH is a
> pretty good collection of G-FANs (kaiju monster magazines). Anyone want
> to draw up a
> cartoon about this thread? Don't forget the long hair and fringe vest on
> Godzilla, Jr....
> Gertrude Smith
> gsraptor@arkansas.net


My other job is dictator/kamikaze pilot.

Marc: http://www.cs.ruu.nl/~hansb/d.chessvar/makerule.html