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Dear Rod, 

Got your message the first time, I only do on-line every few days.

The book is Dinosaurs Past & Present V II 1987 S Czerkas & E Olson eds Univ
Washington Press. It would not be listed under my name. Think it is still in
print, saw it at a major bookstore recently.  

The dinolist is at dinosaur@usc.edu. I'm sorry but I do not know how to tell
you how to subscribe. JC could have told you, actually, she's more computer
savvy than I. 

Sorry, I have little idea about preparation job wages, etc. From what I hear
they are rather low. Of course, you should put out feelers to different
locations in order to have the best shot at finding a good position. I do not
know whether there is anything going on at Tyrrell for instance, or if you
are willing to move south of the border. 

I did photograph the Giganotosaurus skeleton in Philadelphia a couple weeks
ago. Not sure yet whether it is really heavier than T rex. Is basically your
standard yangchuanosaur-allosaur grade theropod. Have not seen the
description of Baryonyx yet to see what is going on with the cervicals. 

Greg Paul