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Re: Archaeopteryx or Velociraptor (I'm back...)...

In a message dated 97-07-04 02:04:35 EDT, enrique@sn.no (DinosØMP) writes:

<< Does birds come from Archaeopteryx or late evolved small Dromaeosaurids, 
 like Velociraptor?!? >>

Neither. Birds, Archaeopteryx, and dromaeosaurids share a volant (flying,
albeit not very good at it) common ancestor that existed probably during the
Middle Jurassic. Archaeopteryx probably comes closest to the appearance of
that common ancestor; dromaeosaurids were the common ancestor's derived
cursorial descendants during the Early and Late Cretaceous, whereas birds
were its derived flying (and better at it) descendants from Late Jurassic to

(There. Is that so hard to understand?)