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Re: "more evolved" (wasThe Summers Theory)

In a message dated 97-07-04 02:21:34 EDT, u199873203@abonados.cplus.es
(Ernesto) writes:

<< Definitely, we were true apes long time ago. For the
 same reasons, the common ancestor of theropods and vultures was a
 unidentified-true-theropod ┐wasn't it?.   >>

Cladistically, we're still "true apes," and vultures are still "true
theropods." Not that I enjoy being on the cladistic side of the fence, but
that's the way things are.

Humans are derived in having fully erect bipedal posture, enlarged crania,
and so forth, but gorillas are also derived in numerous ways (large body
size, cranial crest, etc.).