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Argh!!! Too many emails!

Wes Copas wrote..

> I was just wondering - there has been a fair amount of discussion of
> Kronosaurus on the list lately;  does anybody out there have a picture
> of one of the wee beasties?  I've been curious about them since I read
> Raptor Red (and liked the book).  Thanks in advance for any responses.

Colin McHenry is your man to ask, as he's currently working on _Kronosaurus
queenslandicus_ for his phd. He's at Brisbane. From what I've heard from him
thus far, that famous _Kronosaurus_ mount that A.S. Romer had done for Harvard
is pretty much an exercise in fantasy: it has been given a great big cranial
crest (based on some of the Upper Cret. polycotylids I think) where there is
clearly not one. H. Longman's skull reconstruction, published in _Mem.
Queensland Museum_ in the 1930s, is far more accurate - it actually looks rather
more like the skull of the 'well known' English Jurassic pliosaurids like

To my knowledge, no restoration of _Kronosaurus queenslandicus_ based on data
other than from Romer's mount has yet been published (some have been
commissioned and completed, but not, as yet, published) - Uncle Bob's little pic
in _Raptor Red_ comes closest. And speaking of which, note that _Kronosaurus_
is a purely gondwanan form so far as is presently known. So it wouldn't be
grabbing acrocanthosaurs from the North American coastlines. O. Hampe's Bolivian
_Kronosaurus_ species is not well known enough for a reconstruction.

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