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Tom Holtz wrote..

> << I have a copy of the infamous paper.  Amphipacifica is a journal of marine
>  invertebrate biology: the authors are two of the senior editors and pushed
>  the paper through (against the wishes of the junior editors) on their own.
> >>

And in response, George wrote..

> Pure garbage.

What's 'pure garbage' George? The journal _Amphipacifica_, the publication of
_Cadborosaurus willsi_ in _Amphipacifica_, or Tom's comments? Hope you can see
that I thought your comment a little ambiguous.


I see that _Oviraptor mongoliensis_ is to get a new generic name. It will be
published in the new Currie and Padian dinosaur encyclopedia, and honours
Rinchen Barsbold. I suppose I'd better not say the name in public for fear of
a sp... flogging (I hesitate a term other than flogging as I think Kelly's still
on the list;-)).

Monkey (private joke for M. Rowe).

"And you will be rewarded"