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Re: Yearly SD dig, Pachy skulls& tree nesting

The exposures of Hell Creek in S.W. North Dakota (in the Rhame vicinity) are
continuously worked by the good folks at the Pioneer Trails Regional Museum
in Bowman, North Dakota- just a few miles east of Rhame. They also have
cooperative ventures with the Denver Museum of Natural History which has
resulted in a rich bounty of information and new taxons of Hell Creek plants.
The Milwaukee Public Museum has been ALL OVER the country doing a census of
dinosaurs for a study of dinosaur diversity at the K/T. The Museum of Geology
at the S.D. School of Mines and Tech works up there with the Pioneer Trails
museum on a regular basis. The Museum of the Rockies has co-sponsored
symposia with the P.T.R.M. Commercial collectors are scurrying around like
ants-you can find their "wanted posters" looking for Triceratops skulls at
the local gas stations. It's one of the busiest and most productive paleo
places around. If you want to get paid to work this country, first you get a
degree, then there's grad school...Finally,if you want to "stabilize"
something with cyanoacrylate you may wish to dicuss that first with your
friendly local museum preparator or conservationist.