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Re: Kronosaurus

Wes Copas wrote:
> Howdy!  (That's Texas for hello...)
> I was just wondering - there has been a fair amount of discussion of
> Kronosaurus on the list lately;  does anybody out there have a picture
> of one of the wee beasties?  I've been curious about them since I read
> Raptor Red (and liked the book).  Thanks in advance for any responses.
> Wes Copas

I have recently added a page concerning Australian mesozoic marine
reptiles at my site (listed at the end of the message). It contains
my reconstruction of Kronosaurus queenslandicus as well as some
info on its history. You might notice that the image has been retouched
slightly. I originally had the fore-paddles (is that a word?) held
high like a penguin, however since researching the structure of the
shoulder girdle it seems unlikely that they were raised much above
the horizontal.

Incidently, for anyone interested in the swimming mechanics of
sauropterygians and mosasaurs, I have recently found an article
by Judy Massare in "Mechanics and physiology of animal swimming"
(Maddock et al 1994, Cambridge Uni Press) which puts forward some
interesting theories and calculations.

        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia