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Reflection on The Summers Theory

I've been following the Summers Theory e-mail up to its conclusion and it 
has presented the following points.

1) More education is needed for young scientists (particularly in high 
school) in two areas.
  *) the ability to back up statements and not present false material
  *) to properly identify themselves and not act out a charade in order 
to be heard

First year science at my University consisted of continous lectures of 
back-up your statements and do not dismiss data and outliers because it 
may be relevant. My High School science education had not touched on this 
very important topic. Clearly this must be amended. 


2) Young members of this mailing list should be heard out and not 
dismissed due to their age.

I feel that young people should feel encouraged to post to this listing 
(after all they'll be running the place in 50 years) and if they present 
an idea with flaws other members of this listing should take it upon 
themselves to point out the mistakes and suggest alternatives. 

The main ingredient that makes the Internet one of the most revolutionary 
things since the printing press is its ability to allow anyone (those 
with access of course) the freedom to present their ideas to anyone who 
is willing to listen/read. And this is also its bane because these 
opinions/charade can be confused as fact and lead to all sorts of 

It might also be good policy to include a set of rules (of which most of 
you would unconsciously know anyway) on correct procedures to post to 
this list so that younger members  do not unwittingly cause such mahem.

Luke Kirkwood
Undergraduate - University of Queensland, Australia