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Re: What's on your computer??

I have a sticker of Littlefoot from The Land Before Time on my monitor.  On
my desk I have a T-Rex whose head comes off and is a staple puller.  I have
two dinosaur lamps with very long necks that bend every which way.  I have a
velociraptor stapler.  A small apatosaurus pencil sharpener.  A large (2 feet
tall) blow up plastic apatosaurus baby toy ( it is hollow and has jingly
balls in its legs - for babies to play with).  And...I have a wind-up mobile
with four dinosaurs and a palm tree...it's the kind that you put on a baby's
crib.  Right now, I have a stuffed Ducky from The Land Before Time sitting on
my desk watching me, but she is not normally here, all the others are.