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RE: "more evolved" (wasThe Summers Theory)

Dinogeorge wrote:

> Cladistically, we're still "true apes," and vultures are still "true
> theropods." Not that I enjoy being on the cladistic side of the fence, but
> that's the way things are.

Yes. And If we are (according to cladists) STILL true apes, some of our
ancestors were also true apes. So, we have descended from apes.

> I don't know what "more evolved" means. I couldn't care less whether it's
> politically correct or incorrect.

More evolved = more derived = more changed. An ancestor is, obviously, less
evolved than its descendant species. So, a descendant is more evolved than
its ancestor, and it's also more evolved than other descendant which closely
resembles the common ancestor.

It's evident (for me) that humans are more evolved than chimps, and that
Passeriformes are more evolved than Compsognathus. I know that, considering
philogenetically remote taxa (insects and mammals, for example), this kind of
comparison becomes a nonsense.

¿Politicaly correctness in biology? Yes. I've heard this absurdity: "all living
beings are equally evolved", too many times, from too many university teachers.

                                              Ernesto J. Carmena