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Re: "Morosaurus" agilis

At 06:37 PM 7/3/97 PDT, you wrote:

>What is the deal with _"Carnosaurus"_ and _"Coelurosaurus"_...

Neither _Carnosaurus_ nor _Coelurosaurus_ have ever been named.  However,
Carnosauria and Coelurosauria (both suprafamilial taxa) were named by Huene.

>I know 
>they're both noomin nudia, named by von Huene in 1929.  Why can't we 
>just obliterate the names if they have no scientifical value, or open 
>them up to be able to be used for some other genus or something.  

The meaning of these names have changed since the days of Romer and company,
who used them for "Big theropods" and "little theropods", respectively
(Friedrich von Huene did NOT use the names these ways, and instead
recognized that Ceratosaurus had a close affinity to Coelophysis and that
tyrannosaurids were close relatives to ornithomimids).

Under current taxonomies, Coelurosauria refers to birds and all theropods
sharing a more recent common ancestor with birds than with Carnosauria
(Gauthier, 1986), and Carnosauria refers to Allosaurus and all theropods
sharing a more recent common ancestor with Allosaurus than with
Coelurosauria (Padian et al., in review; see also Holtz & Padian 1995
(abstract for SVP)).  Many theropods, however, are neither coelurosaurs nor

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