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Re: triceratops question

At 11:04 PM 7/6/97 -0700, Wade & Carol Tingley wrote:
>Hello --
>My name is Christopher Tingley, I am almost 8 years old, and a super
>dinosaur fan!!  I have been reading this list for a few weeks, and I
>have a question.  One of my dino video tapes says that triceratops
>protected its young by keeping them in the center of the herd. I want 
>to know if there is any fossil evidence that shows this could be true?  
Not that I know of.  There is some *very* *slight* evidence that maybe, and
I do mean maybe, some sauropods did something of this sort.  But even that
evidence (from the footprints of a herd) has other interpretations.

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