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Joe Daniel wrote:
<< I am somewhat confused here.  If Coelurosauria contains all theropods
closer to birds than Allosaurus and Carnosauria includes all theropods
closer to Allosaurus than Coelurosauria, how do you have theropods that
are neither?  It appears that all theropods seem to be split into these
two groups by those definitions >>

Not exactly..  The two groups, Carnosauria and Coelurosauria together are
known as Avetheropoda, and there are plenty of theropods that arent's
avetheropods.  For example: 
-Megalosaurs (Megalosaurus, Torvosaurus, Edmarka, Eustreptospondylus), 
-Spinosaurs (Spinosaurus, Baryonyx, Irritator), 
-Coelophysoids (Coelophysis, Dilophosaurus, Syntarsus, Lilliensternus,
?Segisaurus, ?Procompsognathus), 
-Neoceratosaurs (Ceratosaurus, Sarcosaurus, Genusaurus, Abelosaurus,
Carnotaurus, Indosaurus, Indosuchus, Majungasaurus), 
-And some other basal theropods (Herrerasaurus, Staurikosaurus, Eoraptor).

I hope this helps.

Peter Buchholz

"A leak?  I'm not detecting any leaks."