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Re: "Morosaurus" agilis

In a message dated 97-07-07 03:10:12 EDT, jdaniel@aristotle.net (Joe Daniel)

<< I am somewhat confused here.  If Coelurosauria contains all theropods
 closer to birds than Allosaurus and Carnosauria includes all theropods
 closer to Allosaurus than Coelurosauria, how do you have theropods that
 are neither?  It appears that all theropods seem to be split into these
 two groups by those definitions. >>

Phylogenetically, there is a >third< set of theropods: those that are no
closer to birds than to Allosaurus, or, to say the same thing differently,
just as closely related to Allosaurus as to birds. They precede the
divergence between carnosaurs and coelurosaurs in the theropod cladogram.

It would have helped you to make this distinction if the original post
weren't so ambiguously worded, however...