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Re: triceratops question

Wade & Carol Tingley wrote: 
> Hello --


> My name is Christopher Tingley, I am almost 8 years old, and a super
> dinosaur fan!!  

I'm 16, and have been fond of dinosaurs scince I was born (allmost).

>I have been reading this list for a few weeks, and I
> have a question.  One of my dino video tapes says that triceratops
> protected its young by keeping them in the center of the herd. I want to
> know if there is any fossil evidence that shows this could be true? 
That is nothing but suppocion. If it was found an evidence to that, all 
the Triceratops herd must have died at the same time, while protecting 
the young againnst predators, and that would be too much for a 
coincidence! The basis of that theory is that the todays musk bulls do 
the same. Scince we have no evidence, the Triceratops could have defended 
they'r young in many other ways, like many other animals do today.


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