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Re: triceratops question (joke)

Sam Girouard wrote:
> >My name is Christopher Tingley, I am almost 8 years old, and a super
> >dinosaur fan!!  I have been reading this list for a few weeks, and I
> >have a question.  One of my dino video tapes says that triceratops
> >protected its young by keeping them in the center of the herd. I want to
> >know if there is any fossil evidence that shows this could be true?
>         A good question from a sharp lad. No, there is no real evidence for
> this behavior in Triceratops or any ceratopsians (although it would be a
> spectacular scenario). I do not recall who proposed this hypothesis, but it
> is based upon observations of extant musk oxen. When confronted by a lone
> wolf on the horizon, the oxen will form the "covered wagon" formation to
> protect the young. 

But when german tourists come too close, and tries to give the musk a 
coocie, the musk just run'em down!


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