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Sereno's paper & uncinate processes

        While browsing through Sereno's new dinosaur paper, I noticed in
figure 5 he cites "ribs with uncinate processes" as a character linked to '
powered flight in birds.  Actually, uncinate processes have a wider 
distribution than this, as crocodiles possess them (Duncker, 1978, fig. 8).
Uncinate processes also occur in tuataras, ankylosaurs, Huayangosaurus,
Euparkeria and apparently, the "fighting" Velociraptor.
        It has been recently suggested (Hou et al 1996) that uncinate
processes are functionally linked to endothermy and high levels of oxygen 
consumption, so that early birds whick lacked them were incapable of high 
levels of sustained activity, and were ectothermic.  The above examples
document that uncinate processes are not restricted to endotherms, 
in addition to the fact that some living birds lack them ((d'A. Bellairs
& Jenkin, 1960).

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Guy Leahy
Dept. of PEHR
Western Washington University
Bellingham, WA 98225