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Re: new dinosaurs.

In a message dated 97-07-07 16:50:33 EDT, enrique@sn.no (DinosØMP) writes:

<< Fred Bervoets wrote:
 > 1       CHIHUAHUASAURUS Ratkevich vide [Anonymous] 1997
 > 2       MICROCEPHALE    Sereno, 1997 
 Can anybody from the list give me a description or classification,species 
 name, etc. on these two dinosaur species?
 Thanks! >>

Both of these are nomina nuda--published names without descriptions.
"Chihuahuasaurus" is a proposed but unused name for the Arizona sauropod now
known as "Sonorasaurus," also a published name without a description.
"Microcephale" is the published name of an undescribed small pachycephalosaur
from Alberta, Canada.