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Re: What's on your computer? (off-topic)

I've got a rather large copperhead in an aquarium above my computer. Plan 
to add small pit vipers in future and a collection of Bitis ( Large old 
world vipers ). They are quite attractive and interesting to watch.Then 
collections of Oligocene marine fossils: Sharks teeth to six inches, 
sirenian ribs, squalodontid / xenorophid parts, croc scutes, scads of 
turtle parts, even a collection of dinosaur related tapes ( Paleoworld, 
etc. ).My "office" is definitely a mini museum / reptile house hybrid.

Stephen Faust                   smfaust@edisto.cofc.edu

On Sun, 6 Jul 1997, Bettyc wrote:

> I have a 'monitor' lizard (that's a plastic lizard glued on my monitor)
> and an 'aisaur'-an original sculpture I'd done a number of years ago of
> a small ostrich-mimic type dinosaur in loud blue and flourescent pink
> plaid stripes (it's pronounced 'EYE SORE, silly) with a big grin.
> At home in the studio there is no room on the monitor but I keep all my
> dinosaur plastic models under the same desk
> -- 
>            Betty Cunningham  
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