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who wants to help illustrate Ken Carpenter's new book?

As some of you probably already know, Ken Carpenter is writing a book
about dinosaur eggs and babies.  It should be a more easily accessible
version of the book he edited which had the title _Dinosaur Eggs and
Babies_ (yeah, I'm sure you recognize the title from my previous
sentence -- you can either consider it that the title was very
descriptive or that I'm very unimaginative... your call :-) He'd
currently like to obtain some new art work for the book, and toward
that end he asked me to distribute the following:

  Would you post on the net that I am looking for illustrations
  suitable for "Eggs, Nests and Baby Dinosaurs." Images needed include
  mating, display, courtship, babies, nests, colonies, etc.  The
  images should be sent to me at the museum along with the price for a
  one time use. Images may be high quality photocopies of B&W, or
  slides and photos of color images. I am especially interested in
  helping individuals trying to establish themselves as dinosaur
  artists, BUT the art must be of very high quality - on par with
  Paul, Skrepnick, Henderson, etc. If they want their images back,
  they must include an addressed and stamped envelope.  Thanks much.

  Kenneth Carpenter

  Kenneth Carpenter
  Department of Earth Sciences
  Denver Museum of Natural History
  2001 Colorado Blvd.
  Denver, CO 80205

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)