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more birdy dino behavior--way off-topic, don't bother

>        Some dinosaurs nested in colonies, like some birds.  Some
>dinosaurs followed the body plan and presumably the lifestyle of modern
>ratites.  The question that's recently occurred to me, then, is this:
>Were some dinosaurs, like some birds, physically and mentally capable of
>learning speech?  If a re-engineered dino were coached like a parakeet,
>could it be taught to imitate human speech?  This is a disquieting thought
>to me.  It's one thing to be pursued by a ravening carnosaur.  How much
>weirder would it be to be attacked by a rogue T-rex bellowing "I'M A


        "Dammit, Philbert; what kind of a lepidopterist are you?  For god's 
man; stand up to them!"