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Re: What's on your computer? (off-topic)

Okay, I'll bite.  Oy...I hope you're sitting down.

Left of monitor: three dino beanbags for juggling, Koosh Velociraptor,
screaming electronic 'Raptor puppet, a plastic chameleon standing erect,
and a plastic Safari Apatosaurus baby.
Left speaker has a ReSaurus T.Rex puppet nestled over it.
Top of main monitor: small Draco (from "Dragonheart"), plastic iguana,
plastic wind-up T.Rex, plastic Safari Allosaurus (yaaay!), Earl Sinclair's
boss from "Dinosaurs!", a JP Pteranodon, and Fin Fang Foom.
Right speaker has a ReSaurus Draco puppet over it.
Top of computer (tower): a small hunk of quartz crystal, a tiny plastic
vending machine dragon, a small pewter gargoyle, a Fisher Price dragon, a
wooden children's toy block consisting of the letters "B" and "O", Pete's
Dragon from the McDonald's Happy Meal, and a Dragonheart Medusa Dragon.
Top of second monitor: Tyrannosaurus head from a tube of Hershey's Kisses,
and a Star Trek 'Gorn' action figure.  Oh, and a small shop towel.
Scattered about the right side of the desk: JP 'young T.Rex' toy, JP
screaming Dilophosaurus, Dragonheart Razorthorn dragon, two sundry Koosh
monsters, a pair of different JP Velociraptor action figures, a JP 'Raptor
plushie, 'Raptor hatchling, and a big dragon plushie.

I'm of the opinion that this is the real reason why LCD monitors haven't
caught on for desktop computers.  Where would we stick our toys?  (And WHEN
is some computer company going to get the bright idea to INCLUDE some
dinosaurs with their hardware, as they should?  This is what really makes
them run, y'know.)

-- Phil                   http://www.primenet.com/~pburgess/art/index.html